Hemp Seed Oil | Seed Cake | Protein Powder | Hemp-derived CBD from the Pacific Northwest

Hemp Northwest in the news Dec. 1 - via NPR’s NW News Network: NW entrepreneurs cheer on provision to legalize hemp in Farm Bill

We source, process and distribute responsibly-grown hemp hearts, hemp seed oil, protein powders, seed cake, and hemp-derived CBD for the highest quality nutritional profile.  




We work with farmers from Washington and Oregon to Minnesota to grow the highest quality seed for nutritional profile to process for hemp seed oil (nutritional or carrier oil), hemp protein meal and powders, and roasted hemp seed coffee.



Our All-American grown hemp products include hemp hearts, hemp protein powder, hemp seed oil, hemp seed coffee, hemp seed meal, and hemp-derived CBD-infused oil. We are continuously exploring new uses of hemp seed processing side-products.


Hood River, Oregon 97031