Pet Foods industry looks at HEMP ingredients

It is great to see the pet foods industry talking about hemp!

Hemp seeds, including hemp seed oil, hemp seed cake / meal are incredibly nutritious and high in protein, omega 3’s and omega 6’s, GLA, high in fiber and so many other nutrients. Beyond the seed, we are now learning that all mammals have an endo cannabinoid system and also show benefits from phyto-cannabinoids, such as CBD, found in hemp extracts.

Hemp Northwest is a proud supporter of the Hemp Feed Coalition which is the group leading the work to gain FDA approval for hemp in animal feeds in the USA. Please make a donation and support these efforts!

While hemp seed food ingredients are not only legal and approved in other countries, they are sought after for their high protein content and high digestibility. Unfortunately the laws and processes of the good ol USA have delayed realization of this great food source here, although there are those that have been importing and using hemp meal in cattle feed since the early 2000’s.

At least there is some movement and we are glad to see the pet food and feed industries taking note.


American Grown Hemp Seed Cake freshly pressed in Oregon at the Hemp Northwest Facility

Gregg Gnecco